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Brown rice is just rice husk layer peeled away new , still wrapped outer bran layer . If this bookshelf bran layer will produce white rice , the type we eat every day . Bran layer of brown rice grains contain many important nutrients such as vitamin E , vitamin B1 , B3 , B6 , magnesium , manganese , fiber , iron ...

In white rice , through the process of grinding , pounding , 67 % vitamin B3 , 80 % vitamin B1 , 90 % vitamin B6 , half of the manganese and fiber almost lost .

One can of cooking the rice brown rice contains 84mg of magnesium , 9mg in comparison with white rice . Many scientific studies demonstrate that in the bran layer of brown rice contains a special oil that effects blood pressure , reduce bad cholesterol , help prevent cardiovascular disease through .

Brown rice is especially good for women . It reduces the risk of colon cancer , reduce cholesterol and good for the cardiovascular system of postmenopausal women . At the same time , with abundant sources of fiber , brown rice helps fight disease atherosclerosis strong , breast cancer , reduce the risk of heart disease , cancer and diabetes .

Besides , fiber also helps no effect so long as brown rice meal , you will not gain weight . In particular , if brown rice soaked in 22 hours will contain a lot of nutrients than brown rice now transitioned to germinate , making the enzymes in the grain bed in this state and stimulated activity provide maximum nutrients .

Sprouted brown rice not only provides nutrients but also very easy to cook and supply us with a slightly sweet taste because the enzymes have an impact on the carbohydrate and protein in rice seeds .

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