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  • Dragon blood rice ( red rice ) so many nutritional supplements , vitamins and minerals to the body , helping to regulate blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol , help prevent cardiovascular disease . Rice taking heat dragon blood , sedation business district , except annoying , potentially preventing the emergence of more and colon stomach should have a positive effect in the treatment of intestinal diseases . Rice porridge dragon blood and help prevent disease cholera, dysentery , holding sweat ; Dragon blood rice ( red rice ) is especially good for women : reduced risk of colon cancer , reduce cholesterol and good for the cardiovascular system of postmenopausal women . Dragon blood rice ( red rice ) helps against strong atherosclerotic disease , breast cancer and even lower your risk of heart disease , cancer and diabetes .


    Dragon blood rice ( red rice ) is a very positive first class rice bran is very thick , help fight cancer are very valuable , especially lung and colon cancer . Dragon Blood rice ( red rice ) creates a positive control , de- acidify the blood , prevention and treatment of disease : cough , flu , anti- osteoporosis , particularly arthritis , hemorrhoids , obesity ...


    Dragon blood rice ( red rice ) 5 visceral conditioning , Pi additional hardening tendon , fat body , disturbing evidence from thirst , only more evidence of dysentery , strong mind , body crystals are useful , additional waste gas .


    Dragon blood rice ( red rice ) is good for women and children because very wealthy dragons blood iron , calcium and bone ... additional properties that mothers keep from spoiling consumption during pregnancy and lactation period , young children, dragon blood rice helps to quickly key chemicals due to the absorption of cal - ci increase should be sturdy bones .

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