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  • White rice is the paddy has been milled to remove the husks and milled to remove the bran and germ layers . After milling , it can be polished to white rice and brighter .

    During milling and polishing the rice will lose many nutrients ( the bran fat , micronutrients such as vitamins , minerals ) and white rice should be limited penetration of micro-organisms and insects damage , thus preserving a long time over brown rice and paddy .

    Diet mainly use white rice can cause beriberi , if not due to lack of Vitamin B1 supplements containing food sources of this vitamin . White rice is usually added some nutrients during processing . In some countries as the United States, Philippines, Africa, Puerto Rico, Papua New Guinea... Niacin, Thamin, Folic acid, Viboflavin, Zinc and iron are required micronutrients added to white rice .

    With ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, USFDA certifications and newest technologies, our enriched rice can be composed according to specific needs and for rigorous requirements markets.


When a person is not getting enough food or not getting the right sort of food, malnutrition will come. Even if people get enough to eat, they will become malnourished if the food they eat does not provide the proper amounts of micro nutrients - vitamins and minerals - to meet daily nutritional requirements.
Indochina Food & Agricultural Co., Ltd has an advantage in solving malnutrition by providing vitamin enriched rice.

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