Vitamin Enriched Rice

Vitamin Enriched Rice

Vitamin Enriched Rice

Vitamin Enriched Rice

Vitamin Enriched Rice
Vitamin Enriched Rice
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White rice has had the bran and germ removed, leaving only the endosperm. This processing makes the rice softer and easier to cook, but also strips the grain of many beneficial nutrients that are found in the bran and germ - This is where enriched white rice comes in.


Enriched Rice is rice enriched with essential vitamins and minerals post-harvesting to increase its nutritional value. Current available technology can produce enriched rice that is safe, and that looks, tastes and can be prepared the same as non-enriched rice. Consumption of enriched rice increases micro-nutrient intake without requiring consumers to change their buying, preparation, or cooking practices. Enriched rice is the same as enriched wheat and maize flour or salt, all of which have been proven effective at a large scale and are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).




In Indochina factory, rice is enriched by using extrusion technology. The process involves pulverizing milled rice and mixing it with a premix containing essential micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. This mixture is then processed using an extruder machine to produce Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK). These FRKs are added to traditional rice in a ratio ranging from 0.5% to 2%, resulting in enriched rice that is almost identical to traditional rice in terms of fragrant, taste, and texture. The enriched rice is then distributed for regular consumption.


Rice is the staple food in many countries. Daily average consumptions of 200 – 400 g / person. Especially in Asia, but as well Africa and Latin America.

If enriched rice can be harnessed by countries over the next decade, global-scale rice enrichment could be among the main contributing interventions that will ensure substantial and sustained reduction of the global burden of disease attributable to vitamins and mineral.

Enriched Rice: an emerging opportunity to contribute to the elimination of vitamin and mineral deficiency worldwide.

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